Awards (only 1st prizes listed)

1st poetrykit 2021

1st prize Plough 2018 Short poems (1st also in 2009)

1st prize Barnet 2018 (1st also in 2011)

1st Hungry Hill (2011)

1st Sentinel Eastern Light 2010

1st Yeovil 2007

Ist Scintilla Journal Long poems 2008

1st Split the Lark in 2006 (1st also in 2004)

1st Ripley Arts 2000

prized and placed in many other competitions. Poems published in anthologies and magazines: Orbis (, Temenos Academy Review, Scintilla Journal, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, HQ Poetry Magazine, Poetry Life, Acorn, Still, White Adder, Leaf etc.

Poems also translated into Rumanian, German and Italian